Tantric Sex: a beginners guide

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If you wish to try out slow paced sex to enhance intimacy between you and your partner and achieve full orgasm, then indulge in Tantric sex. Popularly practised by Hindus, Tantric sex has been around for more than five thousand years and it simply implies the expansion and weaving of energy. Therefore, if you long to establish a body and mind connection with your partner and fulfil your sex related fantasies, then experiment with Tantric sex today! Here, find out more about Tantric sex and the methods to practice it.

Why Tantric Sex?

In case you are looking for newer ways to explore sex and add depth to your love making process, then Tantric sex is apt for you. If you are bored of doing it the usual way and do not want to indulge in quick sex any more then Tantric sex is the solution to all your sex related desires and problems. According to experts, if you spend more effort and time in having sex, you shall enjoy a more intense and higher form of pleasure and ecstasy.

How to do it?

In order to perform Tantric sex you need to focus more on foreplay and keep orgasm off your mind. The idea is to prolong sex and experience different sexual sensations for increase fun and enjoyment. You will also try out different methods at the time of performing Tantric sex including breathing control, massage and different techniques for meditating. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn off the lights and forget the world.
  • Loosen up your mind and body and shake your limbs really hard to energise yourself.
  • Make yourself comfortable by lying next to your partner on the floor and loving each other gradually.
  • Experiment with different types of touches, including light touches, firm massages, gentle strokes and more. The idea is to heighten your senses in a much more intense and slow way.
  • Breathe slowly and focus on breathing and when your partner exhales then inhale and vice-versa. This will help you connect with connection between the two of you and keep your mind on what's happening.

Remember, it will take you some time to become an expert at performing Tantric sex. So, don’t give up easily and try again if you are unable to prolong sex for more than ten minutes. With regular practice you will become perfect and enjoy all types of sexual movements and pleasures every time you engage in lovemaking with each other.

There are numerous advantages of indulging in Tantric sex. To begin with, it helps you boost the immune system. You will also feel less stressed emotionally, emotionally and physically. Indulging in Tantric sex will also help you keep severe headache and arthritis problems at bay. Tantric sex is also a great way of shedding calories. It also relieves pain and slows down the ageing process. Couples dealing with depression can try Tantric sex and get rid of depression related problems. With so much to offer, what are you waiting for? Give Tantric sex a try right away!

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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