How to find the G-Spot

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Give your girlfriend the love she has ever wanted and make her crave for more each time. Making a girl happy in bed is not so tough task. You just need to master a few things. Clitoris is not the only catalyst to get a girl aroused and lead to orgasm, there is another very mysterious spot within the female vagina and that is G-spot! G-spot is within the front wall of the vagina and it is a super sensitive spot.

When this pleasure spot is stimulated it creates a very strong female orgasm and also produces squirting or female ejaculation. So, mastering the art of how to stimulate G-spot and how to find it has become a must know thing for men. We have compiled few tips on how to get to the mysterious G-spot.

Foreplay is a must

G-spot is easiest to find when your girl is sexually aroused. So, make love with your partner and arouse her first. Just sit and relax, start with foreplay, kiss her gently to make her sexually aroused. When your partner is all aroused gently bend her knees and spread her legs to get started. Insert two of your fingers in her vagina with the palm of your hand facing up. When you insert your fingers, press the fingertips, seek for a puckered, spongy or ridged area. If you are not getting the spot you can turn on the girl so that the G-spot largens on swelling.

Stuff some pillows under her butt

One of the ways to find G-spot more easily is stuffing few pillows under the butt of your partner and widening her legs. Widening the legs gives space to insert the fingers and hit the right spot. Make sure that your fingers are pointed upwards towards the ceiling and create strokes to stimulate the girl. Make come here motions as if you are calling someone and your girl will go crazy.

Try out a sex toy

To find the G-spot, you can even use an adult toy, such as the G-Spot vibrators which are curved at the top. To find the G-spot using the vibrator, just apply a bit of lube on the tip and put the vibrator inside with the curved tip facing upwards so that you find your G-spot.

Doggie style is a hit

Doggie style position is just the best one to hit the G-spot. The guy should put his legs outwards and should lean front when he thrusts. The girl’s hips should be tilted upwards to get the perfect angle. This makes the guy’s penis target downwards directly on the G-spot.

Girl on Top

Another position that can help you get the G-spot is by telling your girl to get on top and target your penis to her sensitive area. Once your girl targets it to the G-spot you will get an idea and it will be easier from next time onward.

All these tips will surely help you to get to a girl’s G-spot and offer her immense pleasure. There is no need to be nervous, practice will surely make you perfect.

Last update: Aug 15, 2016

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