How you can improve your erection?

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Men always crave for erection when it comes to indulging in sex and foreplay. By simply increasing your stamina, strength and erection, you can enjoy intercourse better and also ensure that you have a great time with your partner. While sex toys such as nipple clams, nipple suckers or cock rings as well as other types of ointments and devices can certainly help you achieve erection, there are many natural ways in which you can get the desired and bigger erection. Here, find some useful tips for achieving erection.

1. Eat healthy: One of the easiest ways to make your penis go the distance is to eat healthy. One should have healthy and light diet right before indulging in sex as it allows our body to digest food easily and later make all types of movement during intercourse.

2. Keep Changing Positions: In order to achieve a bigger and firmer erection, make sure you are on top of your partner. For instance, you could try and take the popular doggy or missionary style positions and achieve the desired erection. These positions ensure that blood flows in excess towards your penis, which eventually helps you achieve bigger erection.

3. Take Correct Positions: When it comes to engaging in sex, make sure you take up the correct positions. This helps in maximising your erection.

4. Stay Calm: It is extremely important to stay calm if you really wish to get a bigger erection. Remember, if you are more comfortable and relaxed during sex, then you will achieve a much stronger and stiffer erection.

5. Improvise Erection: Most of the devices used for enlarging penis are scary, terrible and painful. However, it is always better that you use safe and effective devices such as high-quality penis rings made of plastic or rubber. These devices are designed for trapping blood and make your penis firm.

6. Wear Lose Undergarments: If you really wish to enjoy sex, then keep tight fitting undergarments at bay. This is because tight undergarments reduce the flow of blood to the penile tissue that can eventually hamper erection.

7. Do not Masturbate Much: Men should avoid too much of masturbation if they want to enjoy sex and get bigger erections. Masturbation in excess ruins your sex life and minimises your urge for having sex, ultimately not allowing you to achieve the desired erection, every time you engage in sex.

8. Don’t have Excessive Medications: Many people take medicines to deal with problems such as social phobia, depression, anxiety and OCD. However, consuming these medicines in excessive quantity can only lead to weaker erection.

9. Do not Tire your body: Men who intend to have a good sex life should always look at ways in which they can relax their bodies. Remember, exhausting yourself and your body will only result in weaker erection. Therefore, if you want to uplift your sex life, then do not tire your body and find ways to stay calm and composed.

10. Stop drinking: In order to achieve bigger erection, it is important that you do not indulge in excessive drinking. Consumption of alcohol in excessive quantity can numb the body and lead to erectile dysfunction.

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