Top Tips for Clitoral Stimulation

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If you are one of the women who can orgasm through penetration alone then congratulations. Unfortunately for the many women it takes a bit more to achieve sexual ecstasy. Clitoral stimulation is normally the best way for women to achieve an amazing orgasm.

The clitoris has a huge concentration nerve endings that is stimulated correctly can bring pleasure that you just cannot get with penetrative sex alone.

Clitoral stimulation is just like a massage. If its done right is unbelievably amazing, if done wrong it can be painful and dull. Read our guide below for out top tips to improve your technique.

Things to Remember

The first thing to remember is that the clitoris is very sensitive. Be Gentle. It is also not just an on switch. You need to work it slowly. Once you know what you are doing it is very easy.

  1. Get Comfortable - All masturbation is better when you are relaxed and clitoral stimulation is no different. Relax in a comfortable environment (like your bed) and breath slowly.
  2. Get in Position - Some women like to lay on their back with legs open, others find it more difficult to orgasm when lying on their back. Find a position that is best for you and go with it.
  3. Take it Slowly - Like I have already said the clitoris is very sensitive, at least at first. If you warm up correctly it will not be too sensitive to touch when you get going. I suggest slowly rubbing the small shaft above the clit.
  4. Lube Up - It is not necessary to use lubricant but it does help. You can achieve maximum orgasm with a small amount of sex lubricant. This is particularly true for women who have trouble self-lubricating.
  5. Be a Tease - If you slowly tease this cam make the pleasure heightened. Move your fingers sometime brushing against the lubricated clitoral hood in an up and down motion
  6. Variety is the Spice of Life - Change your technique and finger positions. If you keep on doing the same thing the pleasure will be reduced and it can also cause some discomfort. Use some of our suggested Techniques below
  7. Use a Toy? - You can incorporate various sex toys like finger sleeves or finger vibrators to give you that little extra stimulation

Suggested Techniques

The Pinch and Squeeze: this is a very useful technique that allot of people don't use. The main method of this technique is to stimulate the clitoris by moving and pinching the fold of skin around the clitoris with your finger and thumb. You will not touch the clit directly but this technique can cause some serious pleasure if done correctly. You want to use quite a bit of pressure.

The Feather Touch: This technique is almost the opposite to the squeeze. The feather touch uses very little pressure and you will be touching the clit directly. The important thing to remember when using this method is to try and apply as light touch as possible. Move your fingers up and down the sides of your clitoris while keeping contact. You will find that the less pressure you apply the more pleasure you will feel. This might take a bit of time to find what is best for you.

Clitoral Vibrators: The finger techniques above can be great to get you in the mood but if you are looking for the ultimate orgasm you might need something a bit more powerful. Using clitoral Stimulators or vibrators on your clitoris can bring you the the state of ecstasy you are looking for. There are plenty of sex toys that are specifically designed to be used for clit stimulation but a standard vibrator can also work very well. If you are looking for that extra powerful clitoral stimulator you should try the Magic Wand Vibrators.

Top Sex Toys for Clitoral Stimulation

The Wevibe 3 Remote Clitoral Vibrator

WeVibe 3 Remote Control Clitoral and GSpot Vibrator

The We-Vibe 3 is a couples vibrator with both a clitoral and G-Spot vibrator. It is designed to be inserted into the vagina and be be used while having penetrative sex but also works just as well when alone. It can be brought for just &97.76 - click here

Rocks Off LUV Vibrating Massager

Rocks Off LUV Vibrating Massager

This amazing massager from Rocks Off is specifically designed to to reach your clit with ease. The soft head makes stimulation comfortable and with 5 vibration modes you will never get bored. It can be brought for just &31.33 - click here

JimmyJane Form 4

JimmyJane Form 4

As with all Jimmy Jane vibrators the Form 4 is incredibly well made, fully waterproof and rechargeable. This powerful vibrator will leave you in writhing in pleasure. It can be brought for just &93.50 - click here

Better Than Chocolate Desinger Vibrator

Better Than Chocolate Designer Vibrator

This Clitoral vibrator is defiantly better than the very best chocolate known to man. This powerful vibrator come with multiple vibration modes and speeds. It can be brought for just &47.05 - click here

Natural Contors MAGNIFIQUE Vibrator

Natural Contors MAGNIFIQUE

Natural Contors have a huge range of amazing vibrators that are special design with the contours of your body. They are extra safe made of only the finest materials and are phthalate and latex free. The Magnifique is ideal for clitoral stimulation and cost &34.30 - click here

Natural Contours Ideal Personal Massager

Natural Contours Ideal Personal Massager

Sticking with Natural Contours the Ideal Personal Massager is a special Magic want ergonomically designed to make clitoral stimulation that much easier. It can be brought for just &59.50 - click here


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