How to achieve multiple orgasms

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By far one of the best erotic techniques that can help you get guaranteed and very long multiple orgasms is sexual continence or Tantra. What does this method? When you feel you near the climax, should simply stop a bit, to avoid known orgasm.

In those moments trying to contract the anal sphincter and vagina strong muscles, imagine that all your sexual energy is diverted toward your upper body, in this way you will have feelings of pleasure you could not even dream about before. Pleasure will intensify as possible to multiple orgasms that can take tens of minutes on end.

If you want to have sensations, you probably have not known yet, you really need to try urinates orgasm. Yes, it sounds strange, but once you "make aware" you will want to relive that feeling. Before sex, try to drink more fluids than usual and do your best to be as relaxed during the "action". In this way, you'll be able to relax as much as possible your urinary sphincters and do not trouble urinating. In currency, you will have a fighting orgasm, so do not avoid this technique. This method is especially for women who are experiencing feelings of frigidity.

Another method that will help you significantly improve your sex life is fractional urination. From now on, every time you get a chance, try successive contraction and relaxation during urination the urinary sphincters. In this way, you'll be able to better control the sexual energy and you will be surprised by the results. Better controlling your vaginal muscles, you'll be able to anticipate better and you'll be close to orgasm easier to apply these Tantric techniques.

  • The first thing you have to know if you want to have multiple orgasms: it's important to have some intense and long enough foreplay. Candles, good music, an erotic movie, sensual massage oils, erotic messages or naughty talk on the phone - anything stimulates you.
  • The second thing you should know about multiple orgasms: avoid penetration destination. This means that first orgasm should be produced by masturbation or oral sex. Before you get to stimulate the genitals is recommended the massage and an intense comfort of your erogenous zones (breasts, neck, bottom etc.). Once your body has become sensitive to touch, you can go to clitoral stimulation.
  • Do not rush. First delay your orgasm as much as possible and then you explode with pleasure. Kegel Toys are very useful if you want to have multiple orgasms. Contract and relax your vaginal muscles repeatedly - you'll be more excited, especially if your partner stimulates your clitoris with his tongue. Even in vaginal penetration contracting muscles is important - because increases both your and partner pleasure. Also, practicing Kegel exercises, you can determine the time of the second and third orgasm and you can get them without much effort. If you're single, contracting your muscles while using a vibrator or a finger. The process is similar and will result in multiple and powerful orgasms.

One last tip: do not focus on getting orgasm or you might not get it. Focus on getting the pleasure and orgasm will be the natural result.

All these techniques will help you enjoy incredible sex life, and soon you will have endless orgasms, that will leave you speechless.

Last update: Aug 03, 2016

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