Toys that will make your boyfriend jealous

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Have you ever had an issue when it´s time to open your toy box with your partner and show your secret weapons? That can be an issue for many reasons, some girls get shy when it´s time to show their toys but would really enjoy sharing it with their partner, but girls, what if I tell you that I have a machine to do your job, and it does very well? Humm that´s kind of scary right? Or even better, what I if tell you I have a tool just like yours to do the work, but much bigger and I have full control over it? I´m trying to make a point here, it´s not really hard to understand how and why the boys can be intimidated by some toys…It´s just as simple as that…Let´s take a look at some toys that make them jealous:

Huge Sized Dildos

We are talking about enormous, gigantic dildos some that are larger than your arm. I understand you can enjoy a crazy sized dildo as a toy and that does not affect your preferences of a real penis, that can actually be for medium to smaller penis and huge sized toys at the same time, meaning your taste for toys does not change your knowledge of real regular penises, but let´s be honest here, size is and will always be an issue for men, and they will be intimidated by something like this, no matter what they say about it. 

Rabbit Vibrators

With many models and sizes in the market, these “dual stimulation vibrators” can do something a regular man can´t do, well at least we can tell it´s not that easy for them. Rabbits can stimulate at the same time the vagina with internal stimulation and the clitoris with external stimulation and that´s a really hard task for a man to do it the way the rabbit does, that´s why men tend to also get a little intimidated by it.   

Magic Wands

Almost like a combination of the two above, the magic wands are almost a sign that you don´t need men anymore in your life. It´s a nice vibrator, it´s big, easy to use and it looks like you have sex and a professional massage with it, plus it doesn´t sweat or complain about listening to you, so why would men be necessary anyways? Haha That´s how they can feel about it…

Squeel GO

This is where the game can get very sensitive, for some men it can be like: “What? Now they have a machine to compete with me in my game?”

Oral sex is where your man can show dedication and devotion, passion for you and your body, it´s when they show that they enjoy giving you pleasure and let you know you are in the spotlight, apart from the regular sex moves. Ora is a device that is virtually designed to do their job regarding oral sex. So yes, more competition, life is getting harder and harder these days, now they must outrun machines not only on work or other fields, they must outrun machines even in sex!!

Are toys more for girls then for men?

Needless to say, there are many more women's sex toys in the market but no, toys are not for women only, the industry is growing with a variety of men toys, from vibrators to rings and near-human sex dolls, some people claim that it´s a sign of being insecure to get jealous of a sex toy, some think it makes sense, with male sex toys expanding the sex-toys market this may become more natural and accepted inside relationships.

Last update: Aug 04, 2016

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